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LFŠ podporují

In here we will present profiles of guests whose attendance at the Summer Film School is confirmed.

Aki Kaurismäki

a guest of the Spectrum section: Retrospectives

Aki KaurismäkiAki Kaurismäki, the Finnish and Scandinavian cinematography legend, is the author whose movies are met with an extraordinary public acceptance in Czech Republic. The master of minimalistic tragicomedy stories full of melancholy, black coffee, moved destiny and rock’n’roll will come to the SFS to present his movies complete retrospective including the newie Le Havre. The retrospective will cover all the Kaurismäki's production, from his debut Crime and Punishment to his “Working Class Trilogy” (Shadows in Paradise, Ariel, Aki Kaurismäki) and his “Leningrad” comedies to shots with meta-genre techniques (I Hired a Contract Killer, Juha, The Man Without a Past).

Emir Kusturica

a guest of the Special appearance section

Emir KusturicaEmir Kusturica, a Bosnian prince of film, director and the owner of village Drvengrad, where he holds a festival of his own, is known to Czech audience thanks his piercing Balkan grotesques and parables (Time of the Gypsies, Arizona Dream, Underground, Black Cat, White Cat). Together with his colleagues from former Yugoslavia (Zafranovič, Paskaljevič), Kusturica studied at Prague’s FAMU in professor Vávra´s class, at the beginning of 1980s debuted with the Do You Remember Dolly Bell? movie with Forman’s- and Passer’s like tinge. With movies When Father Was Away on Business and Underground he won the Golden Palm at the Cannes’s festival. Since the end of the 1980s he features also as a guitar player in the No Smoking Orchestra, which has composed the music to the popular burlesque Black Cat, White Cat and will present itself at the Summer Film School.

Robert Sedláček

a guest of the Visegrads Horizon section:

Robert SedláčekA graduated documentarist Robert Sedláček (1973) comes from Zlín (Czech Rep), in 1990s started to study the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU in Prague. After a successful series of Czech political scene’s mapping documentaries, as well as the shadows of the past (The Path to Power, Gustav Husak Centre Stage) he made a surprisingly mature feature debut The Rules of Lies (2006). Sedláček’s scathing comments of the weirdness and the boastfulness of the Czech nature and social inferiority - Men InThe Rut, The biggest of All Czech - demonstrate his ability to capture the life impotence with unexpected timelessness and the court-actors excellent performances. His filmography will expand with two movies right away this year - Family Is the Foundation of the State and the TV movie Assholes.

Andrei Ujica

a guest of the Focus section: Romania

Andrei UjicaA native son from Romanian city Timisoara belongs among the most peculiar world representatives of the author's documentary. His trilogy devoted to the fall of communism is appreciated above all; Ujica completed it last year with a radical three-hour documentary Nicolae Ceausescu’s Own Autobiography, which maps the entire rule of the Romanian dictator period without a single word of comment.


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